KLM Health Services can help you keep your employees fit and healthy.

Fit and healthy employees

KLM Health Services can help you keep your employees fit and healthy. This is important because employees who feel good perform better. As an employer you can play an important role in this, by offering medical examinations that will lower occupational risks, for example, or vaccinations that will enable employees to work safely abroad. And if you want to train your employees to become workplace coordinators, we can help in that respect too. If you’d like to learn more, please leave your contact details via this contact form. We will call you within one working day.

From air travel to offshore

Every day, companies from a wide range of sectors use our services, and to their complete satisfaction, we might add. This includes customers in fire and rescue services, internationally active organisations, aviation and offshore. Many of the companies we serve operate under special working conditions and variable working hours. What’s more, we also help the KLM Group to boost the long-term availability and vitality of its employees.

Immediate help

Not everything can be prevented with good preparation, which is why KLM Health Services also offers support in the event of incidents or disasters. And we offer this 24/7, anywhere in the world, which gives you the assurance that your employees will be receiving the care they deserve. Learn more about our 24/7 support.

Care specialists

The care professionals at KLM Health Services have specific expertise and international experience, including in the area of passenger and aviation medicine. Thanks to our extensive global network of doctors, KLM Health Services is always quickly up-to-speed on possible outbreaks of diseases, and you can count on receiving good medical care in foreign countries.

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