Medical advice & facilities

Airport Medical Services provides medical backup for various offshore companies. A doctor can be reached by telephone 24/7 in order to provide suitable medical advice to the medic or healthcare worker on the rigs in the North Sea.

In serious cases, the doctor will decide to repatriate the patient. In addition to medical backup, we provide inspections/audits of the medical facilities on board. We also provide medical supplies, such as bandages and AEDs, and arrange the layout and supplies of the medical room on the platform.

Medical facilities on board and in the company

Airport Medical Services provides the medical cases and AED equipment on-board aircrafts. We also manage and maintain these vital devices and medical cases. All medical cases comply with current legal guidelines. Airport Medical Services maintains these cases, checks them and rotates them after use. An AED – Automated External Defibrillator – is available on board each aircraft.

Airport Medical Services checks and maintains the AEDs. First aiders can order supplementary items for the green first aid cabinets from our pharmacy, which is located in Departures 2.

The up-to-date medical facilities of Airport Medical Services ensure adequate response to medical incidents on board and on the ground.


Airport Medical Services has an advisory and coordinating role in and around Schiphol concerning the purchase and use of defibrillators (or AEDs) both on the ground and in the air. We also provide AED training for your staff. The AEDs we supply are ready to use, checked where necessary, and replaced immediately after use, ensuring you of an operational AED at all times.

Would you like to order an AED? Please contact our pharmacy on +31 (0) 20 648 14 50.

 Medical cases

Airport Medical Services supplies facilities such as first aid cases, first aid cabinets and first aid kits (A and B) both at the airport and in companies. We also take care of the maintenance of these devices.

We provide tailor-made medical cases to various businesses, since every company is different.

Medical advice on board

Aircrew may be faced with a medical incident on board, for example, a passenger with respiratory or heart problems. In these situations, Airport Medical Services is standby to provide medical advice to cockpit and cabin crew.

If an in-flight medical problem occurs, the cockpit crew can ask one of our Airport Medical Services doctors for advice. Our doctors specialise in the assessment of in-flight medical problems and have specific knowledge of aviation medicine. They can be contacted via a conference call. This enables us to provide medical assistance whenever needed. In case of a life-threatening emergency, our doctors may advise to make a stopover at another airport. We will then assess which airport is most suitable (from a medical perspective).

Thanks to the connection with our doctors, pilots and cabin crew always have access to expert medical advice. This increases on-board safety.

Medical care and assistance in emergencies and infectious diseases at the airport

In the Netherlands, the Dutch Public Health Act sets out the rules with regard to infectious diseases. At the airport, these rules have been translated into workflows aimed at preventing the import of infectious diseases at Schiphol. The doctors of KLM Health Services and Airport Medical Services have an important role in this process.

Due to the large number of travellers, infectious diseases may enter the Netherlands. These infectious diseases may pose a threat to public health. Together with various organisations (WHO, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment RIVM, regional health services GGD), KLM Health Services and Airport Medical Services ensure that their joint policy is feasible and effective at the airport. This creates uniformity of policy. We do this in close consultation with the infection physicians of regional health service GGD Kennemerland. They are responsible for taking measures to safeguard the public health tasks at Schiphol. Based on this policy, and at the request of KLM, on-board facilities and medical items – such as personal protection equipment – are supplied. We also arrange the briefing and the reception at the gate. If in certain situations a GGD doctor decides that medical intake is required due to an infectious disease, the Airport Medical Services ambulance will assist the passenger who might carry an infection.

KLM Health Services and Airport Medical Services work closely with GGD Kennemerland and align their protocols. This minimises the risk of infectious diseases being imported.

Offshore medical facilities

Besides providing 24/7 medical backup for the crew on many offshore platforms in the North Sea, we also provide this group with all medical goods, medicines, oxygen, AEDs, and bandages, all of which are in stock in our public pharmacy at Schiphol. Do you need any of the items listed above? Please contact our pharmacy on +31 (0) 20 648 14 50.