About vaccinations

Are you about to make a journey? Then you run the risk of being exposed to diseases against which you have little or no resistance. Many infectious diseases can be prevented through vaccination or taking other preventative measures.



Vaccinations are compulsory for some destinations and merely recommended for others. As a result of this you can run the risk of contracting an infectious disease at many (sub)tropical destinations. Vaccinations are recommended or even compulsory for destinations that are relatively close to home, such as Egypt or Turkey, for example.

Vaccination not always possible

Vaccinations are not available for all infectious diseases. A few examples of these diseases are malaria, dengue and gastro-intestinal infections. Fortunately, there are several preventative measures you can take that will make your journey more amenable and reduce the likelihood of being ill during or after it.

Travel advice Foreign Affairs

Sometimes there are security risks. If this is the case, please be alert or, preferably, only travel to the country concerned if genuinely necessary. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advice helps you prepare for safety risks during your stay abroad. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs contact center is available 24/7 at +31 247 247 247.