Travelling with medical equipment

Taking medical equipment with you on a flight or in the airport is possible and sometimes essential. You can ask your airline whether this equipment is allowed on board.



If you need oxygen during your flight, you must notify your travel agent or airline before you start your journey. Only emergency oxygen is availble on board in the event of a calamity.

For flight safety reasons, using your own oxygen cylinders on board is not permitted. However, most airlines do allow the use of a Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Check with your travel agent or airline which concentrators are allowed.

If you want to take your own oxygen tanks with you, you should check these in together with your luggage. The tanks should always be empty and pressure-free.


Stretcher service

If, due to health reasons, you need to travel lying down, you can usually use a stretcher on board. Please check with your airline whether this is possible. In most cases, your health care provider and/or an emergency assistance service will arrange this for you.


Medical luggage

Passengers with medical constraints or reduced mobility may wish to take additional luggage. Some airlines offer special facilities and assistance to make sure the journey is safe and pleasant for everyone. Please ask your travel agent and/or airline about the possibilities.