Travel dispensary

There are numerous travel accessories that will make your journey easier, such as a travel thermometer, mosquito repellent with DEET, travel towel, earplugs or an inflatable neck pillow. In the travel shop in the Travel Clinic you can choose from a wide selection of these accessories. 


Use the list below as a useful checklist before you start your journey.

ComplaintFirst aid accessories and medication
Cuts First aid kit  For disinfectant, for example Betadine® or Sterilon®
Diarrhoea ORS, for dehydration (Orisel®)  A stopper such as Diacure®, Diarem® or Imodium® Caution: stoppers may only be used by adults and children older than eight
Insect bites Insect repellent (based on DEET with a minimum concentration of 30%)  Mosquito net (impregnated)  Tick forceps
Sunburn Sunblock (at least factor 30)  Lip balm, with protection factor  Sunglasses  Headgear
Pain and fever Paracetamol  Junior Paracetamol Caution: it’s better to avoid the use of aspirin-based medication
Altitude sickness Medication for altitude sickness, such as Diamox®
Travel sickness Medication for travel sickness (airsickness, seasickness)
Malaria Malaria tablets (only if advised)
Other (only if necessary) Your regular medication  A set of sterile syringes and sterile needles  A water filter  Chemical agent, such as Hadex® drops  Condoms (if necessary with lubricant)