Anti-mosquito measures


Mosquitos can transmit a number of diseases, such as malaria, dengue, zika, yellow fever and chikungunya. Unfortunately, no medication or vaccination exists for every disease. How do you prevent a mosquito bite?

There are several types of mosquitos that are both active during the day and night . You can protect yourself from mosquito bites by keeping your room free of mosquitos, wearing protective clothing and using mosquito repellent.


1) Accommodation

Make sure you keep your sleeping area mosquito-free:

  • Use appropriate mosquito screens.
  • Use an impregnated mosquito net.
  • Keep windows closed and turn on the airconditioning, if available.


2) Clothing

Cover your skin:

  • Wear clothing that almost completely covers your body, such as long sleeves, long trousers, socks and closed shoes.
  • Wear loose clothing. Mosquitos tend to bite through thin trousers and socks. The baggier your clothing, the harder it is for a mosquito to get close to your skin.
  • Wear light clothing. This causes you to radiate less heat, which in turn makes you a less attractive landing spot for a mosquito.


3) Mosquito repellent with DEET

Apply mosquito repellent (DEET) carefully and in accordance with instructions:

  • Apply sufficient DEET to all exposed areas of your skin.
  • It is advisable to use products with a DEET concentration that is between 30-50%. Young children and pregnant women are advised to use DEET with a concentration of less than 30%.
  • DEET 30% may be applied up to four times a day, DEET 31-40% up to three times a day, and DEET 41-50% up to twice a day.


More information about anti mosquito measures?

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