Travel preparation

We can tell you all you need to know about your destination, give you the necessary vaccinations and stock your traveller’s first aid kit too.

Be well prepared when you travel

If you want to ensure you are well prepared for your journey, come to one of KLM Health Services’ Travel Clinics. We’ll tell you all you need to know about your destination, give you the necessary vaccinations and ensure you have a well-stocked traveller’s first aid kit. And, if required, we can even arrange your visa. Learn more about being well prepared for your journey.

Family doctor at the airport

If you are travelling and you unexpectedly have a medical problem or a query, you can approach one of our family doctors 24/7 at the airport for advice. You can then get advice before your journey, as well as recommendations as to whether or how you should proceed with it.


Doctors specialised in tropical medicine and specially trained vaccination nurses work in our Travel Clinics. Thanks to the availability of up-to-the-minute information received from the Landelijk Coördinatiecentrum Reizigersadvisering (LCR, or National Coordination Centre for Travel Advice) and KLM Health Services’ own extensive overseas network of doctors, we are always fully aware of possible disease outbreaks in your country of destination.

Doctor Connect

How would you like to be guaranteed good medical treatment at your place of destination? With our “Doctor Connect” service you can always call, email or app an experienced KLM Health Services doctor. And not only in the event of a medical emergency either, but even if you are just in doubt about something. It’s a hugely reassuring way to travel, whether it’s for business or for pleasure.

Pharmacy at the airport

Travel calls for preparation. In the event that you realise just before departure that you have forgotten your medication, or that you need to see a doctor, you can always visit our public pharmacy in Departures 2.

For all

We are open for everyone, irrespective of your mode of travel or the airline you might be flying with. Make an appointment directly with our online appointment module.

Information per region

Below, you’ll find links to useful information about your country of destination.


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