Unit leader/Shift leader


The Unit leader/Shift leader programme is intended for employees who wish to safely and effectively manage the emergency response organisation in case of an emergency of fire. This training course is only accessible to employees who have successfully completed an ERO training course.

What does a Unit leader/Shift leader do?

A unit leader/shift leader acts in accordance with the company emergency plan. In case of an emergency or fire, you manage the ERT on an operational level. You give the signal to take action and distribute the tasks among the member of the ERT. You are also the contact person for both colleagues and professional emergency services. Furthermore, you ensure that EROs are trained and you manage the emergency resources.

Practical exercises

A practical assignment – carried out within your organisation – is part of this training course. The second course day is entirely dedicated to exercising your role as a unit leader/shift leader. The practical assignments are part of the exam and will also be used, implemented and exchanged with fellow students, during the second day.

Refresher courses

Regular one-day refresher courses are mandatory in order to keep your knowledge and skills up to date and your certificate valid.


  • Working Conditions Act and regulations
  • Assess safety aspects in everyday and emergency situations
  • Emergency Response organisation
  • Education and guidance of company emergency officers
  • Communication during Emergency Response Team
  • Evacuation tactics and techniques
  • Management and monitoring of resources
  • Developing an emergency response exercise


This is a two-day course