Lead Emergency Response Officer


The training course Lead Emergency Response Officer is intended for employees who are responsible for the setting up and implementation of the emergency response organisation, which they also manage. Course participants must have completed intermediate vocational education or be able to proof – based on age and education – they operate at this level.

What does a Lead ERO do?

A Lead ERO has knowledge of the Working Conditions Act. You advise the management on all things related to the setting up of and emergency response organisation and you are responsible for drawing up the emergency response policy and its translation into concrete measures. It is your job to ensure that a sufficient number of certified unit leaders/shift leaders, EROs and possibly First Aid workers are present at all times. Keeping procedures up to date and adjusting these where necessary is also your task. Additionally, you ensure regular exercises concerning potential accidents and fire fighting and calamities, relevant to your organisation.

Practical assignment

You will set up a policy and management plan.

Refresher courses

Regular one-day refresher courses are mandatory in order to keep your knowledge and skills up to date and your certificate valid.


  • Tasks of a Lead ERO
  • Working Conditions Act and regulations
  • Roadmap to setting up an emergency response organisation based on a RI&E
  • Drafting a policy and management plan
  • Setting up and managing an emergence response organisation


This is a three-day course