Emergency Response Officer (ERO)


The Emergency Response Officer training course is intended for employees who wish to be the first line of response in any emergency situation in or around the workplace. This training course is open to any employee and requires no previous education or experience.

What does an ERO do?

Your employer has appointed you Emergency Response Officer. In case of fire or an emergency you are the first line of response. But do you know what to do in case of emergency? Do you know how to organise initial assistance or evacuation of a building? Or which actions to perform in case of an accident? How to save lives? This training course teaches you what actions you should or can take pending the arrival of the fire brigade and/or ambulance.

Practical exercises

The programme offers a good mix of theory and practice. You will learn CPR, the Rautek grip (fire-fighter’s grip) and how to apply various bandages. You will also learn how to operate an AED.

Refresher courses

Regular one-day refresher courses are mandatory in order to keep your knowledge and skills up to date and your certificate valid.


  • Tasks of an Emergency Response Officer
  • First Aid in case of no response or abnormal (no) breathing
  • First Aid with other injuries
  • Incident communication
  • Limiting and controlling an early fire
  • Evacuation: what, who and how
  • Operation and use of AEDs


This is a two-day course