The AED/CPR training course is intended for employees who wish to provide First Aid and medical care in case of sudden cardiac arrest.

The course is also suitable for private individuals.

What does an AED/CPR care provider do?

How do you recognise a cardiac arrest? What actions should you perform first? What if there is no AED nearby? How long should you continue CPR? During this training course, you will learn what actions you should take while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. An AED is the most effective tool for increasing the chances of survival of the patient, however an AED is not always at hand. Starting CPR immediately – in wait of the AED – doubles the survival rate of a victim.

Practical exercises

The programme offers a good mix of theory and practice, giving you sufficient knowledge and skills by the end of the training (half a day course).


  • How to approach a patient as a CPR / AED care provider
  • Determining the level of consciousness
  • Recovery position
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Operation and use of AEDs
  • Special circumstances
  • Alarming/calling expert assistance
  • Inspection and maintenance of the AED


This is a half a day course (4 hours).