We can boost the knowledge and skills of your employees in the area of safety at work and/or first aid.


If safety is of the utmost importance in your organisation you are certainly in good hands with KLM Health Services. Our Education Centre provides a variety of training courses in the area of health and safety, such as First Aid, AED and workplace coordinator training courses. These can be given at our Education Centre, or on location at your own premises. More about our training courses. 


Our training courses are compiled by medical specialists and content experts of KLM Health Services. Moreover, the course themes are changed every year and they are illustrated with plenty of current practical cases. This ensures the training material is interesting, varied and identifiable. Above all, all training programmes and trainers are recognised by the ‘Nederlandse Reanimatie Raad’ (Dutch Resuscitation Council) en the ‘Oranje Kruis’ (Orange Cross). This way you know for sure your employees will be taking the relevant knowledge on board!

Bespoke training or open enrolment

You can choose bespoke training or open enrolment. If you opt for bespoke training you and your employees will receive private training, tailored to your specific business situation. Depending on your wishes, the dates of the training courses and the number of participants will be decided in consultation with you, and the training can be given on location at your premises. In the case of open enrolment employees of different organisations are trained together. With this option the dates of the training courses are determined by the Education Centre; they can be found here.

More information, quotation and contact

For more information about our training courses, or to request a quotation or to make an appointment, fill in the contact form or call +31 651 17 0916.

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