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Preventive Medical Examination

For sustainably employable employees

What is Preventive Medical Examination?

Preventive Medical Examination (PMO) is research into work-related health risks. Your employees are examined for their physical and mental health. This gives you, as an employer, insight into the health situation of your employees and allows you to organize your health policy efficiently. With the aim of sustainably employable employees.

From absenteeism to vitality

  • The retirement age is rising, which increases the risk of absenteeism
  • A sustainable health policy contributes to the productivity and continuity of your organisation
  • The Working Conditions Act states that you must offer your employees periodic occupational examinations
  • Duty of Care is important

What can I expect?

After a PME, your employees receive feedback at personal level and targeted medical advice. You gain insight into the health of your employees organisation-wide and at group level. How exactly the process is completed (questionnaires, physical examination) depends on your organisation and wishes. Each PME process is completely tailor-made.


Together with our specialists, you determine the content of the Preventive Medical Examination. Which questionnaires apply? Which physical examination, if any, is related to it? And what follow-ups are desired?

Many employees are anxious to undergo a medical examination facilitated by their employer. That’s why we guide you through the implementation within your organization. How about a campaign to inform your employees and enthuse them to participate?

The Preventive Medical Examinations are carried out. Any physical examinations are performed by certified medical examiners.

After the Preventive Medical Examination, your employee will receive their personal online results. This report can be explained by the doctor, as well as any next steps.

After the examination and advice, the follow-up process follows. This can be set up personally, in groups or organisation-wide. Consider, for example, a training or workshop, or on-site assistance from an occupational hygienist or safety expert. If desired, this process can take place structurally or action-based, for example based on a theme.


More information

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