(Taxi) driver health check

If you’d like to become a (taxi) driver – or already work as one – you must be in possession of a taxi driver’s card. We would be happy to help you obtain (or retain) your card. You will need a certificate of medical fitness for this purpose. To obtain such a certificate, you first need to undergo a (taxi) driver health check. KLM Health Services can help.

When is a (taxi) driver health check necessary?

If you want to become a (taxi) driver, you need to undergo a (taxi) driver health check to obtain your certificate of medical fitness. The certificate is valid for five years and may not be older than four months before applying for a driver’s card. You will receive your certificate of medical fitness after the (taxi) driver health check.

What does a (taxi) driver health check involve?

Various aspects are examined during the health check. For example, your blood pressure is measured and a urine test conducted. Your eyesight is also checked and you get to discuss the questionnaire you completed beforehand with the medical examiner. If necessary, the medical examiner will also perform a physical examination.

More information

We’d be happy to help you if you have any questions about the examination. Don’t hesitate to call us at +31 (0)20 649 43 34 or send us an email. You can submit your details using this form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


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