Pre-appointment medical examination

Are you hoping to appoint a prospective staff member to a position, but have yet to determine whether the candidate is medically suitable and therefore healthy enough to carry out his/her tasks properly and safely? If so, you can arrange for them to undergo a pre-employment medical examination. It’s important to know whether the candidate can meet the demands associated with the job. In principle, the pre-employment medical examination is non-binding although in some cases it may be a statutory requirement. The examination focuses on the risks linked to professional practice.

When is a pre-employment medical examination necessary?

A pre-employment medical examination is necessary if the performance of a job entails risks to the health and/or safety of the employee and/or third parties. The timing of the examination is subject to strict rules. You can only ask a candidate to undergo a medical examination once they have actually been selected for the position. Note that you must inform the candidate in advance. Not only before the examination, but also that a medical examination forms part of the application procedure. With the exception of a limited number of situations required by law, you can decide whether you want a candidate to undergo a pre-employment examination. If you’re not sure whether a pre-employment medical examination would be best, KLM Health Services can quickly advise you on this matter. We can also tell you more about the purpose and content of the examination.

More information

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