Periodic Medical Examination (PME)


A Periodic Medical Examination (PME) focuses on any (occupational) health damage risks concerning employees within your company. The examination looks at the lifestyle, work ability and health of your employees.


A Periodic Medical Examination looks at:

  1. Work-related risk factors (known as Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E)).
  2. Personal health factors.
  3. Alerts issued by the company doctor.

Based on the outcome of the assessment, your employee will receive an individual report, which contains the examination findings and tailored advice. In addition, we draw up a Plan of Approach, in close consultation with you and with the aim of improving the health of your employees. The concrete tools are then put into use to reduce health risks and to improve fitness, health and productivity of employees. Our focus is not solely on the individual; we also – and more so – look at organisational and work-related aspects. The PME is tailored to the organisation, the work situation and the individual employees and is therefore always custom-made. At your request, KLM Health Services provides group reports allowing organisations to aim for and manage better health management.


The Dutch Working Conditions Act prescribes that an employer should provide its employees with the opportunity to undergo periodic occupational health examinations.

More information

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