Medical examination for category C or D driver’s licence (possibly extended with category E)

You will require a medical examination when you first apply for a category C or D driver’s licence or if you need to extend these licences. A medical examination for a driver’s licence is conducted by a medical doctor employed by a certified occupational health service. KLM Health Services gladly offers this expertise.

When are you required to undergo a driver’s examination for a category C or D licence (possibly extended with category E)?

In the Netherlands, a category C or D driver’s licence remains valid for five years, after which you are required to undergo a medical examination to extend your licence.

What does the medical examination involve?

The purpose of the examination is to establish whether the examinee has any conditions that may be a hazard when driving in traffic. The examination is based on a questionnaire issued by the National Licensing Authority (CBR). The doctor will also conduct a physical examination. Your eyesight will be tested, among other things, and a urine sample will be taken.

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