Ambulance health check (PAM)

Ambulance staff are heroes and KLM Health Services is proud to carry out their health checks.

The ambulance health check (PAM) is a periodic medical examination for ambulance staff. It is conducted to analyse and monitor your state of health so that you can do your job properly and responsibly, now and in the future.

What is the ambulance health check?

The ambulance health check consists of two parts: medical and physical.

During the medical part of the check, aspects including your height, weight and blood pressure are measured. Your eyesight and hearing are also checked. And you undergo a physical examination. In so doing, the medical examiner assesses your mental state, your eyesight and hearing, and any risk factors linked to cardiovascular disease.

The physical part of the check consists of a ladder-climbing test, balance test, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) test and stair-climbing test.

When is the ambulance health check necessary?

The ambulance health check is intended for ambulance drivers and/or ambulance paramedics. It is compulsory for staff working in the field aged 40 and older. The health check must be repeated every four years. After completing the health check, you will receive a certificate of medical fitness.

More information

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