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Are you planning a trip to South Africa? Then it is important to make proper preparations. We recommend vaccinations for South Africa. The right vaccinations can protect you against tropical diseases that do not occur in the Netherlands.

South Africa is a beautiful country in the southern tip of Africa and is renowned for the wide variety of wildlife, breath taking nature and its friendly people. The largest part of the country has a so-called semi-arid climate. Along the coast – for example in lively Cape Town – the climate is subtropical. Even though the temperatures are not extremely high in summer – and not extremely low in winter – some tropical diseases occur. In short, whether you are travelling to South Africa for a safari, a round trip or to play golf, make sure you get the appropriate vaccinations before departure. Our nurses will gladly inform you about the required immunisations and vaccines for South Africa. Moreover it is important to know that malaria and dengue mosquitoes are present in South Africa. Our nurses are happy to advise you about these and other health risks. Click here to make an appointment (in Dutch) with one of our nurses.

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