Macedonia vaccinations

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Are you travelling to Macedonia? Please prepare well and read our travel advice. This page provides you with information on places of interest, the climate and possible health risks. It is good to know that vaccinations are recommended for Macedonia although they are not mandatory. Which specific vaccinations you require for Macedonia, depends on the duration of your stay in this little-known but beautiful country.

Macedonia is situated in the Balkans, bordering Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia. The country has a temperate continental climate with warm summers and cool to cold winters. Always keep account of locally prevalent diseases. Malaria does not occur in Macedonia. 

Macedonia vaccinations: the most common risks

In Macedonia your run the risk of catching a disease to which you may not be resistant. The right vaccines can protect you against these. Please view our list of the most common health risks and diseases in Macedonia and you will know at an instant which specific vaccinations you require.

Recommended vaccinations and risks

Vaccination against DTP is recommended for all travelers to this country.

Vaccination against hepatitis A is recommended for all travelers to this country.

There is an increased risk of measles in this country. A MMR (Mumps Measles Rubella) vaccination is recommended for anyone who has not been vaccinated against measles or has experienced the disease.

In the Netherlands, most children now receive a vaccination against BMR. We therefore recommend a vaccination for some travellers. This advice depends on age, past vaccinations and diseases experienced.

Vaccination depends on your personal situation. In this country mammals could be infected with Rabies. Avoid contact with mammals. Please contact KLM Health Services for good and personal advice.

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