Jordan vaccinations

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Are you travelling to Jordan soon? Please read our travel advice and prepare your trip well. We recommend certain vaccinations for Jordan, although in most cases these are not mandatory. Which specific vaccinations you require, is determined by the places you plan to visit and the duration of your stay in this beautiful kingdom.

Jordan lies in the Middle East. The country has borders with several countries, including Israel, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The climate in Jordan is dominated by the country’s desert landscape. Besides this arid desert climate, Jordan has a warm Mediterranean climate in the highlands above the Jordan Valley and the mountains of the Dead Sea. The best times to travel to Jordan are spring and autumn. Then you avoid the summer heat and the cold winters. Whatever you plan to do whilst on holiday in Jordan, always take into account the risk of diseases and protect yourself against the fierce sunlight. Malaria does not occur in Jordan.
Vaccination against yellow fever is required if coming from or if you have been in transit for more than 12 hours in a country with a high risk area.

Recommended vaccinations and risks

Vaccination against DTP is recommended for all travelers to this country.

Vaccination against hepatitis A is recommended for all travelers to this country.

Vaccination against hepatitis B depends on your personal situation. Please contact KLM Health Services for a personal advice.

Vaccination depends on your personal situation. In this country mammals could be infected with Rabies. Avoid contact with mammals. Please contact KLM Health Services for good and personal advice.

In this country Schistosomiasis is prevalent. Please contact KLM Health Services for personal advice.

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