Italy vaccinations

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Are you going on holiday to Italy? Then make the right preparations, because vaccinations are recommended for Italy, although these vaccinations are not mandatory. Which specific vaccinations you need for Italy depends on the places you are going to visit and the length of your stay. KLM Health Services nurses are happy to give you travel advice and tell you which vaccinations Italy requires.

Most of Italy has a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters. In the north it is colder than in the south. The climate there is somewhat comparable to that in Belgium and the Netherlands, but with colder winters and warmer summers. In the Alps and the Apennines there is a polar or high mountain climate and there is often snow. In Sicily it is even warmer and there is less precipitation. There is no malaria in Italy.

Vaccinations Italy: common risks

Vaccinations can make you and your child or baby resistant to various diseases that occur in Italy. View the list below with the most important health risks and the most common diseases in Italy and read which specific vaccinations Italy requires of you.

Recommended vaccinations and risks

In this country Tick-borne encephalitisis is (possibly) prevalent. Vaccination depends on your personal situation. Please contact KLM Health Services for good and personal advice.

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