Croatia vaccinations

which ones do you need?
Are you travelling to Croatia? Please take the proper precautions. Certain vaccinations are recommended for Croatia although they are not mandatory. Which specific vaccinations you require for your trip to Croatia, depends on the regions you plan to visit and on the duration of your stay in this beautiful country bordering the Adriatic Sea.

Croatia is situated in the south of Europe. Along the coast, the country has a Mediterranean climate and inland a continental climate. Snowfall is common in the mountain areas in winter. Whatever you decide to do, please protect yourself well against infectious diseases and mosquitoes. Even in European countries such as Croatia, you run the risk of catching diseases. Malaria does not occur in Croatia. 

Croatia vaccinations: the most common risks

Vaccines can make you and your children resistant to diseases that occur in Croatia. Please find below a list of the most common health risks and diseases in Croatia and read which specific vaccinations you require.

Recommended vaccinations and risks

In this country dengue fever is prevalent. A good protection against mosquito bites in the daytime is necessary.

Vaccination against DTP is recommended for all travelers to this country.

Vaccination depends on your personal situation. In this country mammals could be infected with Rabies. Avoid contact with mammals. Please contact KLM Health Services for good and personal advice.

In this country Tick-borne encephalitisis is (possibly) prevalent. Vaccination depends on your personal situation. Please contact KLM Health Services for good and personal advice.

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