Armenia vaccinations

Armenia vaccinations

which ones do you need?

Are you leaving for Armenia soon? After reading our travel advice about this country, you will know better how to prepare yourself for your trip. Which specific precautions and vaccinations Armenia requires will, amongst other things, depend on your trip and the length of your stay in this country.

Armenia is a landlocked country in the Caucasus with Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, and Azerbaijan to the east. Geographically situated in Asia, Armenia boasts a history longer than most European countries and prefers to call itself European, much like Georgia. Armenia’s climate can be described as highland continental, with large variation between summer highs (June to August) and winter lows (December to February). The country also experiences large climatic contrasts because of its intricate terrain, and the climates range from arid to sub-tropical and to cold, high mountains. 

Vaccinations Armenia: common risks

You may encounter diseases in Armenia against which you are normally not immune. The right vaccinations can protect you against these diseases. Check out the main health risks in this country below, so you know immediately which specific vaccinations Armenia requires. Also read our tips for travelling. This way you can best protect yourself against health risks from water, food, sun and insects.

Recommended vaccinations

Vaccination against DTP is recommended for all travelers to this country.

Vaccination against hepatitis A is recommended for all travelers to this country.

Vaccination against hepatitis B depends on your personal situation. Please contact KLM Health Services for a personal advice.

Vaccination depends on your personal situation. In this country mammals could be infected with Rabies. Avoid contact with mammals. Please contact KLM Health Services for good and personal advice.

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