Traveling and COVID-19

Traveling during COVID-19, what is it like? We are happy to help you and listed some important information.

The COVID-19 situation can change quickly in any country. Are you going on a trip soon? Then make sure you stay well informed about local corona developments and possible entry restrictions (such as a quarantine obligation or negative PCR test). A number of countries set requirements for travelers from the Netherlands. These country requirements are constantly changing, so check carefully which ones apply to you. Also check if other precautions and/or vaccinations are needed. Below we have listed some important information for you. Do you need help with the preparation of your trip? Our experts in the Travel Clinic are happy to assist you.


Where are we now in terms of corona? What is the virus and how do you avoid getting sick? On our special page you will find information about the virus.

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COVID-19 PCR test

In some countries, you will be asked to provide a recent negative COVID-19 test result before you may enter the country. 

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