What are cookies?

This website uses cookies. A cookie is a small, simple file that is sent to your device along with the pages of this website [and/or Flash application] and stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer or on your device. The information stored in that file can be returned to our servers when you next visit our website.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are stored on your device to help us recognise you when you next visit our website. They help us remember your preferences, settings and credentials so that you do not have to enter them every time you visit our site. That saves you time and gives you a faster and better website experience. You can remove persistent cookies in your browser settings.

Session cookies

Session cookies track visitors as they move around our website, allowing us to adapt our services to their surfing behaviour. These cookies are deleted automatically when you close your browser.

Tracking cookies

Our own tracking cookies: With your consent, we place a cookie on your device that can be retrieved when you visit a website in our network. This cookie tells us that you have visited other websites in our network in addition to our own. The profile generated in this way is not linked to your name, address, email address or any other personal data; it is only used to personalise advertisements to make them relevant for you.

Google Analytics

Our website also uses cookies from the US company Google as part of its Analytics service. This service tracks and reports on how visitors use our website. Google may share this information with third parties if required to do so by law, or if a third party processes this information on Google’s behalf. This is beyond our control. We have not consented to Google using the information it obtains through its Analytics services for other Google services.

The information Google collects is anonymised as far as possible. Your IP address is explicitly not reported. The information is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google claims that it abides by the Privacy Shield principles and is affiliated to the Privacy Shield programme of the US Department of Commerce. This implies an adequate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.

Right to access and correct or delete your data

You have the right to request access to your data and to have your data corrected or deleted. Please contact us for more information. To prevent improper use, we may ask you to provide proper identification. If you ask to access personal data linked to a cookie, you must send along a copy of the cookie in question, which you can find in your browser settings.

Enabling, disabling and clearing cookies

You will find more information on how to enable, disable and clear cookies in the instructions and/or in your browser’s help function.

Clearing third-party tracking cookies

Some tracking cookies are placed on your device by third parties that advertise on our website. You can clear these cookies or block them permanently in your browser settings.

More information about cookies?

See the following websites for more information about cookies:

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