Health management


The good health of staff is important, because employees largely determine the success of the company. A healthy employee performs better and calls in sick less often. To ensure the quality and continuity of the organisation it is therefore very important to maintain and, if necessary, improve staff health.

This is not a once-only activity. It requires regular monitoring of all aspects affecting staff health over time. In doing so, we gain improved insight into health risks and prevention of health risks. The health check-up is used to identify in advance potential risk factors and physical irregularities at an early stage. Our vision and approach are outlined below.

Our approach

In consultation with the employer we draw up a health management programme proposal, tailoring our services to meet the wishes of the client and responding to the state of affairs with regard to the employability and vitality of staff. Our multi-year Health Management programme is aimed at maintaining and increasing the long-term employability and vitality of staff. The multi-year programme enables us to continuously monitor the situation and adjust where necessary, leading to both a high-quality and effective results. Below is an example of a programme set-up.

Health check-up

The starting point of the programme is to offer a health check-up to employees, resulting in both group and individual reports based on which we define relevant interventions. If specifically indicated, we will suggest and arrange additional assessments. This indication may emanate from reported health complaints or examination outcomes. If the client has its own occupational health service providers, referral will be to these providers. KLM Health Services has good and quick referral options to all specialisations in the Netherlands.

Feedback at individual and group level


Individual results are subject to medical confidentiality and will solely be reported back to the individual employee, either personally during the health check-up or in writing by means of a personal report.

Group report

A disidentified group report provides an overall picture of the health situation of the employees. The group report also contains recommendations aimed at the management team in order to improve the working conditions and/or health of employees.


Based on the outcome of the assessment: • Individual employees can be given tailored advice both about measures to be taken regarding their work, workplace and style of working and measures regarding interventions in terms of lifestyle. • Advice can be given at group level to improve control risks by means of preventative and protective measures regarding working conditions as well as actions in the area of health promotion. • We can evaluate the effects of previous measures.

Possible follow-up interventions

Our lifestyle programme makes employees aware of their own health, increases their knowledge of possible measures to improving their lifestyle, and motivates them to actually make changes. A successful behavioural change leads to improved health and an increased ability to work. Moreover, by adopting a lifestyle programme the employer demonstrates that staff health is an important matter. This makes a company increasingly attractive in the current employment market.

Modular lifestyle programme

KLM Health Services offers a programme that closely fits the way in which companies pay attention to lifestyle and the intensity with which this is done. The possibilities range from providing non-committal company-wide guidance to intensively approaching employees with health risks.

Cohesive structure

Our modules allow us to create comprehensive and cohesive programmes for companies. The intensity is built up gradually. We take into account the ‘Stages of Change’ and work on the main influencing factors for behavioural change. The diagram below provides an example of such a programme.