Ambulance transport Schiphol grounds

The Airport Medical Services ambulance service is operational 24/7 in the event of an accident or a life-threatening situation. The ambulance plays a crucial role in Schiphol Airport’s emergency plan.

Our ambulance service provides urgent medical care and backup at the airport premises with an ambulance fit out according to applicable rules and regulations, and staff meeting all national training requirements. The ambulance is part of the emergency plan in effect at Schiphol Airport.

This plan covers all matters that may disrupt the workflows: oil leaks, aircraft accidents, fire, release of hazardous substances, and passengers requesting medical assistance. Passengers and employees are transported to the nearest hospital or to the First Aid station at Schiphol Airport in Departures 2.

The ambulance service provides first aid support in case of accidents or life-threatening situations and as such ensures and increases the safety at Schiphol Airport.