Making a difference together


That is what KLM Health Services believes in. With various projects and partnerships we are committed to contributing to a safe, healthy and sustainable society. Unfortunately, there are still places in the world where people suffer from a lack of food, poor medical assistance and who have no access to education.

What we do about this

Donating Flying Blue Miles

KLM feels committed to the lives and living environment of locals in destinations they travel to. With Flying Blue, frequent flyers can put their Miles to good use by donating them to one of the selected partner charities. With the help of your donation, these carefully selected charities are able to fly to for instance a project location.


Healthcare in developing countries is often below par. Refresher courses are lacking and facilities are insufficient. Doctor2Doctor, a collaborative project between VU University Medical Centre, KLM Health Services and KLM, provides medical practitioners at the MTRH hospital in Kenya the necessary support. Read more about Doctor2Doctor.

Sustainability & Awareness

Sustainability is high on the agenda of KLM Health Services. As an independent KLM subsidiary, we follow the KLM guidelines concerning corporate social responsibility, which are very elaborate. It is no accident that KLM was once again declared the most sustainable airline in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Employment opportunities

Young people are the future. That is why we are a partner of JINC. a non-profit organisation that helps young people to a good start in the labour market. By teaching them social and other skills, offering workshops, and allowing them a glimpse of the workplace, they will have fair opportunities. KLM Health Services supports JINC by opening its doors for ‘Flash Internships’ and ‘Language Trips’. This acquaints pupils at a young age with business and increases their vocabulary.