New Zealand vaccinations

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Are you going to enjoy a holiday in New Zealand? Please take proper precautions, as you will be far away from home. There aren’t any recommended vaccinations for New Zealand. If you plan to visit other countries, before or after your stay in New Zealand. Then you will probably need vaccinations. For example when traveling to and from Australia.

New Zealand is an island nation in the southwest Pacific that comprises of two main islands and numerous smaller islands. The main islands are North Island and South Island. The upper part of North Island has a subtropical climate; the other parts of the country have a moderate sea climate. New Zealand is a beautiful country with tremendous beauty: stunning mountain peaks; deep blue lakes; steep fjords and subtropical bays. This is why New Zealand is very popular amongst backpackers, often as part of a world trip. If you’re on such a world trip, please be aware of the potential health risks in each country you visit. Many countries in Southeast Asia require multiple vaccinations. Which vaccinations you require for New Zealand depends on your personal health and on your travel itinerary.

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